Most individuals forget about the importance of their chimneys to their home’s ventilation system. Today, we’ll chat about chimney maintenance, including how frequently you should clean your chimney, what to look for, and why this task is so important.

Inhaling air from your chimney guarantees that you are taking in clean air. If your chimney is not cleaned frequently; it may get blocked, enabling hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide to enter your house instead of escaping via the chimney. Exposure to these gases is dangerous to your brain, heart, and lungs.

Smoke generated in the firebox may not be able to escape via the flue if the ventilation system is malfunctioning. As a result, you can end yourself in a smoky room. However, by keeping up with routine cleanings, you can determine whether the ventilation system is functioning properly. If the exit is blocked, you’ll get a chance to clear it out.

A thick, black, oily residue is left behind whenever a fire is lit, and this residue may be found on the inside of your flue’s walls. This material is very combustible and is known by the term creosote. According to recent research, 25% of chimney fires occur because homeowners do not do routine chimney cleaning and are unaware of the presence of creosote. Watch out for creosote accumulation while you scrub your chimney clean. We advise against attempting to remove the creosote on your own and instead contacting experts in the field. Delta Chimneys is a chimney service adept at eliminating creosote buildup, and our chimney tuckpointing professionals would be pleased to help you.

Creatures, avians, and others will often take up residence in your chimney. If you fail to maintain your chimney, birds may make a home in it and raise their young there. It’s preferable to get rid of bird nests before the birds have a chance to deposit eggs. Regularly cleaning your chimney can help you maintain a watch for any birds establishing their nests in your chimney.

Now that we have explained the advantages of routinely cleaning your chimney let us consider how frequently you should arrange a cleaning service.

Each eight to ten months, you should have your chimney cleaned. While it is possible to clean your chimney without the assistance of specialists, doing so is not recommended.

The benefits of working with a cleaning service cannot be overstated. First, professional cleaners will be able to see nagging issues that might become bigger headaches in the future, such as:

  • Cracked mortar or masonry,
  • Drafting problems,
  • Ineffective procedures

Chimney repointing experts will also have the tools required to conduct periodic checks. They are able to perform chimney inspections for creosote accumulation and remove it quickly and effectively if present. These chimney flashing repair experts will clean your chimney in a safe and efficient manner, taking care not to harm your house or furnishings in the process.

Delta Chimneys is here to help if you have any questions regarding chimney cleaning after reading this article. We’ve covered everything from how frequently you should get your chimney cleaned to the many advantages you’ll reap from doing so. Just dial (847) 482-1800 to reach us.